Bob Johnson - CEO

Bob Johnson has been a serial entrepreneur for his entire life. Beginning with his family milk business as a teenager to a career in investment counseling, Bob has been a part of the founding and growth of over 100 businesses. After receiving his CFP from the College of Financial Planning in 1974, Bob spent 10 years of his career in tax planning and syndications of new start-up businesses in the Northeast.

Bob developed a series of seminars for school teachers that concentrated on simple concepts that could be implemented by lay people to help improve their financial lives. During this time Bob developed a seminar for school students to learn more about the real world of finance and the information the students were going to need in the business world. Bob will provide his expertise to the Club E team to help create added value for all members of the Club E Office and work with other collaborators to introduce entrepreneurship to the students in grades K-12. One of Bob’s strengths is his old-school relationship marketing approach which requires people to interact in person as well as using all the new media ways to stay connected. He calls it “High Touch meets High Tech.”

Bob operates the Atlanta Chapter of Club E Network which provides a monthly venue for entrepreneurs to meet and greet and gain insight from monthly speakers. Bob is partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs at Club E Atlanta in College Park, just south of downtown Atlanta, GA. Club E Atlanta is where entrepreneurs have a physical location to meet and collaborate with others on a daily basis.