Here we grow, again! Join the excitement of opening a whole new world of possibilities to young people and newly-formed entrepreneurs. Start by making a donating today, to The EpiCenter Endowment Fund. No contribution is too small to provide inspiration and hope to a dream come true—“Owning My Own Business.”

What is The EpiCenter Endowment Fund?

The EpiCenter Endowment Fund is a Georgia nonprofit, organized exclusively for the charitable purpose of providing access to capital, experience in entrepreneurship and developmental resources to students and newly formed entrepreneurs that are distressed, under-served or at-risk. The heartbeat of our existence is the YES Program. This program offers elementary, middle and high school students the experience of managing their own businesses. The resources fromThe EpiCenter Endowment Fund will be used for these potential entrepreneurs.

Why is The EpiCenter Endowment Fund Necessary?

This fund is vital to continue providing resources for our YES Program, along with start-up opportunities for newly-formed entrepreneurs. Finding the resources to jump-start a business can be very challenging for potential entrepreneurs. The EpiCenter Endowment Fund was established by Club E Atlanta to close this gap to funding and developmental resources for distressed or at-risk entrepreneurs. This challenged group may not be able to otherwise secure much needed resources to grow their ideas into fully functional businesses that generate a positive cash flow.

The EpiCenter Endowment Fund & Small Businesses

Because small businesses play such an important role in today’s economic recovery, it is of critical importance these entrepreneurs have the best chance of success in their first few years. In most cases, the average small business fails within the first few years for several reasons, with the top two reasons being: lack of funding and experience.The EpiCenter Endowment Fund’s focus is to address the top two reasons for small business failure, thereby, increasing the chances of success.

How Will The EpiCenter Endowment Fund Grow?

Our nonprofit fund will grow with volunteerism and donations. We will engage the general public with our Saturday Academy, social media, success stories, one-to-one conversations and a great experience when visiting our site. In this way, we will inspire an increase in volunteerism and donations. Additionally, Club E is requiring all new entrepreneurs that get started through Club E to give back 10% of their net profits annually to the fund that will benefit other at-risk entrepreneurs in the South Metro area.

Who Can Apply?

To support potential entrepreneurship in the tri-city area of Metro Atlanta, we have createdThe EpiCenter Endowment Fund to provide funding and business development assistance to distressed and at risk entrepreneurs, along with students. Our primary focus is College Park, but participation and resources are open to the general public. 100% of the funds raised, along with available resources, will be allocated to support our students and newly-formed entrepreneurs

Building Entrepreneurship in Georgia

By engaging in this manner, we can build an entrepreneur-friendly city, thereby making the South Metro area the best place in Georgia to start a small business and become successful. Growing The EpiCenter Endowment Fund will increase the chances of more businesses starting up and becoming successful. This leads to more job opportunities and a work ready community that’s supportive of small businesses. This work ready environment will attract aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the state and country. This type of grass roots approach attracts new intellectual capital, resulting in a competitive edge to attract new businesses with new and more job opportunities.

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