Why Become A Club E Member?

Club E is a unique collaborative working environment designed for entrepreneurial empowerment and success. Club E was founded by successful entrepreneurs who wanted to develop a space where all business owners and entrepreneurs could have a place to meet, create and implement great business plans. Club E attracts may different businesses, creating a diverse environment perfectly suited for success.


Club Resources

Club E Atlanta members have access to benefits and resources that are not available at your typical co-working space or virtual office. Club E provides physical office space, meeting rooms, conference & presentation rooms, a full service Café and Copy Center, and a professional environment, all at a very affordable price. We love to see our business owners succeed!


Club E Networking

Club E Atlanta is a high tech, eco-friendly facility that attracts entrepreneurs from all fields into collaboration and successful business planning. Club E has many events each month that encourage networking and communication among members and guests. Even when Club E isn’t hosting an event, the members present in the building on a daily basis represent a vast resource of knowledge and expertise.

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