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"The opportunity to work at Club e made it easy to meet new people. There was a lot of collaboration and networking on a daily basis and lot's of interesting people from a lot of different places. I felt very empowered and realized that I could own a business one day. My self esteem improved as I met other students and we attended various workshops and customer service training that Club e had available."  

Tavares B., Assistant Manager, Aldi

"What attracted me to Club e was doing something actually interesting and useful with my summer. I came because my teacher told me it was one of the best businesses in College Park, GA which was a plus. The training I received and the opportunity to provide customer service to the Entrepreneurs and the general public was great training that I am using at my current job working as an Associate at a popular family restaurant."

Omari W.

"Open communication was one of the strongest and most apparent skills that I learned during my internship. When I first started interning, I was intimidated and nervous to ask too many questions because I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t understand or that I needed extra help with something. Luckily I got over that fear quickly because asking questions is the only way to learn what you are really supposed to be doing. I found that my supervisor, Ms. Allen and fellow staff members appreciated it more if I asked too many questions to make sure I really understood what it was doing and that I did it correctly. If I had not worked with such cooperative and helpful people, I probably would have been too intimidated to ask questions in my next job. Without open communication between everyone in an office, I don’t see how any work can be done." 

Traci H., Georgia State University

"As a whole I believe that my experience at Club e was successful in furthering my knowledge of a career in the field of marketing. While being immersed in a company 40 hours a week for two and half years, I saw the pressure of deadlines, importance of appearance, the value of being a self motivator and the joy of loving your job." 

Ashley, Sales & Marketing  

"More than anything, though, I have learned through my work experience at Club e the value of hard work and how to work as a team with other people. Everyone must do their part and work as a team to meet monthly and yearly goals.  Just being able to see how a business works and what really goes on beyond what you see on the surface has been an experience I can take with me. Having this experience has been a great lesson in how to cope with real problems and situations.  I now feel more prepared to obtain my goals and have the career I have always wanted."  

Anjanee F.  

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