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YES Program | Youngpreneurs Society

Kids in Technology Class

YES Program | Youngpreneurs Society

How do we empower our young people?

*Collectively we focus on the individual person. A human being has the spiritual and intellectual competency to function in our society. We know that spiritual competency enables you to maintain high moral standards and expectations of your conduct and the ability to emphasize, relate, love, and affirm your fellow man. We encourage this development and partner youth with individuals and organizations that grow this ability in youth.

*Intellectual competency as we know it means that our young people are equipped to make critical well thought out decisions that impact their future as well as their community.

*We train young people to create a life for themselves without the dependency of a singular organization for their livelihood.

*Our economy is fluid. Success is the ability to recognize, seize, and leverage opportunities to generate income and create transcendent wealth and give back to the community.

Youngpreneurs Society 

Orientation Day Outline 


I. Welcome and Opening remarks- Bob Johnson and Joann Allen- 15 minutes 

a. Vision and expectations for the Society- Bob 

b. Structure of program and overview of groups- Joann 

c. Rules of the program- Reward System explained- Bob 


II. Introduction of the Cirrculum- 30 Minutes 

a. This segment will review the types of cirrculum by age group. Each mentor will discuss their group cirrculum. 

b. Acorn Group- 1st to 6th Grade- Leadership Skills and Life Lessons- Mentors Introduction 

c. Sapling Group- 7th to 9th Grade- Goal setting and Career Development- Mentors Introduction 

d. Mighty Oak Tree Group- 10th to 12th Grade- Plan to Implantation- Mentors Introduction 


III. Format of Weekly Session- 15 minutes 

a. Informative – Life lessons from guest entrepreneurs- 15 minutes 

b. Interactive- Individual and Group interaction in weekly challenges- 15 minutes 

c. Practical Application- develop and operate a business idea.- 30 minutes 

d. Weekly job assignment- Completed by Youngpreneurs at home. 


IV. Individual Assessment and Sign up- 30 minutes 

a. Mentors for each age group will conduct a short personal interview with each applicant based on a formatted assessment chart. 

b. Applications reviewed with youngpreneurs 

c. Completed and sign by child and adults.

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